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Washington Association for Career and Technical Education

October 22, 2017 - 10:11 am
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Member awards recognize excellence and dedication within the field of Career and Technical Education members. Recipients of these awards are exceptional individuals who have contributed to the success of the quality of their work and their involvement in the CTE community. Candidates and winners are three levels: state, regional, and national (four levels if starting as a section winner). Beginning in 2017, the Member Awards program will be ACTE's High Quality CTE Framework. New nominations will follow updated guidelines.


Since 1976, the Washington ACTE Member Awards have promoted excellence in Career and Technical Education.  Award winners serve as inspirational leaders to Washington ACTE: They embody the core values of serving their students and being committed to CTE. All of the Member Awards are presented at the Washington ACTE Summer Conference.  Please join Washington ACTE at our next annual conference celebrating career and technical educators who make a difference in students' lives every day!  Click here to see last year's Washington ACTE Award winners!  To view other past winners, please visit our winner archive.


Deadline: May 1, 2018

Awards Information will be updated and awards portal will open on November 1


ACTE State Awards PowerPoint






Click Here for Washington ACTE 2017 Member Awards Information Packet



Online Application - ACTE Awards Portal


If you need help with the ACTE Awards Portal, please contact Kate Dowdy, Leadership Coordinator, ACTE Awards, 703-683-9305, 800-826-9972 ext. 305,

Please note: When you enter the portal it will say "2019 ACTE Member Awards" even though you are submitting for the 2017 Washington ACTE Member Awards...the 2017 Washington ACTE winners will then compete in the 2018 ACTE Region V Member Awards, and those winners will then compete in the 2019 national ACTE Member Awards.

Washington ACTE Member Awards: Click the links below for more information on each award.




High Quality CTE Framework

Member Awards Scoring Rubric

Tips on Writing a Strong Nomination

Awards Committee Guiding Principles


Washington ACTE also administers these awards at the state level only:


  • 2017 WA-ACTE Quality Section Standards Award - Word - pdf

  • 2017 WA-ACTE Memorial Teacher Education Scholarship - Word - pdf
  • 2017 WA-ACTE 100% Membership Award - Word - pdf




If you have questions about the Washington ACTE awards, please contact the Awards Coordinator, Tess Alviso at / 360-786-9286, or the Awards Chair, Vern Chandler at If you have questions about the national ACTE awards or using the Awards Portal, please contact Kate Dowdy at / 800-826-9972 ext. 305.


Deadline: May 1, 2017




Kathy Hahn - WA-ACTE Teacher of the Year